Sim Racing

So I guess the question is apart from all the fun we have, can sim racing help you in the real world? Well the simple answer, yes to a degree. You’re not going to become the be all and end all of racing drivers. But you can use sim’s to learn the basic layout of a circuit and the racing line. If you are wanting some competition as most will, then there are plenty of ways to get into some good races online.

Which Sim's to use

There are plenty of them out there, RF2, iRacing, Asseto Corse, Automobislila. It all depends what you are wanting really.


iRacing is the one that all the big names use, and were on about Lando Norris, Max Verstappen, Nikki Thiim, etc. Its the most professional comprensive package. But you are paying a monthly fee for that plus the additional content.





RF2 is the physics king, but as it is you will need to be joining leagues to find quality racing online. Its another game though that you will find big names in, but content can be hit and miss with it.





Assetto Corse is our personal choice at the moment. Plenty of cars and tracks with 90% of them been free. You won’t find the same big names, but with an app called Sim Racing System you will find the same kind of races iRacing offers but for free.

This is a popular free service, professionally run, maybe not on the iRacing level, but you will be hard pressed to find a fault. There are races running every hour throughout the day, and you will 9 times out of 10 find someone to race against.

It runs on Assetto Corse, along with a few more sim’s. They are also wanting to start running things on Rf2 which would give people more choice of cars to race and circuits to use.

Racw lengths vairy between 20 minute sprints and 1 hour long races. Though they are trialing longer format races.

This is a service that we highly recommend and compete in ourselves.

Using Sim Racing to help in the real world

The most obvious way to use Sim Racing to help you, is it will give you a chance to learn the basic layout of a circuit. There will be small details missed most likely, little bumps or cambers. But you will get the overall layout and a good idea of a racing line. If you can find a vehicle similar to yours in the Sim then you might also be able to use it for braking points. But that would only be possible in certain circumstances.

If you are actually racing then the online leagues can help you develop your race craft. Defending, overtaking, consistancy etc. These can all be helped by competing online in the above named sim’s. But at the end of the day, just remember to enjoy it and have fun!

Useful Links

Sim racing forum for most racing sims. Place to download mods for AC and rFactor 2, Have online races regually, and run championships.

Premium wheel bases and pedals, we recommend there products as we use them ourselves.